Dummy EP2 Out Now!


Dummy's second EP this year is out on cassette and digital! Recorded mostly on freeware and smartphone, the seven tracks forgo polished production in favor of a kaleidoscopic collage of improvisational sketches, drawing on kosmische, Japanese ambient, new age, and video game music. Take a moment out of this chaotic week to become awash in the vibes of EP2.

"Their debut was rooted in krautrock and synth-laden noise pop, and they even threw in a foggy folk tune and an eight-minute new age-esque closer. EP2, on the other hand, leans more on hypnotic synths than driving guitars—apart from “Pool Dizzy.” The track’s throbbing beat, murky guitars and retro keyboards are rejuvenating, and their heavenly, overlapping vocals are the cherry on top. It’s the sound of droning pop euphoria." Lizzie Manno, Paste Magazine