Welcoming glow in the dark flowers to BY!


We at BY are happy to announce our first release of 2023, the debut LP from Glow In The Dark Flowers! The project is composed of Jesse Rose Crane and Philip Lesicko, who have been creating music together for longer than they haven't been. Over the years, their musical practices have had many iterations and lineups, but a deep creative drive has always remained at their core. The two have been dubbed "Artist's Artists" by their friends, and their collective discography is vast, with many records, zines, and tapes released under their record label Manic Static. Notably, the scuzzy aesthetic and breezy melodic sensibility of their band The Funs has left an imprint on Chicago’s music scene that can be heard in contemporary bands like Dehd, Lala Lala, and Melkbelly. Glow in the Dark Flowers finds Philip and Jessee reinventing their sound with maturity, grace, and poeticism, but without abandoning the fuzzed out sound and studio adventurousness of their earlier work.

We're very stoked for you to hear it. Stay tuned for more great things in BY World this year! 🌎